Dress rehearsal at the studio and Fri evening tickets

Dress rehearsal at the studio and Fri evening tickets

Today is a dress rehearsal (ballet costumes) at the studio for the Friday Alice in Wonderland performance. No makeup needed, just ballet costume, pink tights, ballet shoes, and hair in a bun. They only need to come for the 2 hours indicated on the newsletter, unless they are my Ballet 6, Int and Adv class and are in both sections.

4:30-6:30 – Maids Int Ballet, 3 Alices, Mad Hatter scenes, Caterpillar Ballet 4, Talking Flowers Int pointe, Cheshire Cats Tues Combo, Jabberwocky Ballet 6

6:30-8:30 – Chess pieces Ballet 5, Pearls Ballet 2, Roses Ballet 3, Cards Pointe 1-3,

Courtiers Adv Ballet, Hedgehogs Thur combo

8:30-9:30pm Int/Adv helpers ballet finale for OUAT

For parents of dancers in Fri night Alice in Wonderland performance: after we finished selling the first round of tickets yesterday there are only a handful of tickets left. I am so glad we gave everyone the chance to get 8 tickets yesterday! We are starting a wish list for any families that need an extra ticket (more than the 8 that were purchased yesterday). You can leave your name at the desk with Miss Jenny and we will try our best to accommodate, but they are very limited. If you bought Friday evening tickets yesterday that you know you won’t use, you can sell them back to us. The Sat shows are not sold out, although the 1pm Once Upon a Time performance is down to 50-60 tickets. Sat evening Alice in Wonderland still has plenty of tickets. Thanks!


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