Nov newsletter with Dress Rehearsal times

November Newsletter with dress rehearsal times

DanceStation News:   Nov/Dec 2021

This newsletter has a lot of important Nutcracker information and dates; PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY.

The Parent Portal is Up!  Please take advantage of using the portal to check on your balance or pay your tuition if you’d like. This will be our main way of paying tuition and other fees moving forward instead of using PayPal. Every family should have received an email with a login to your account. Reminder after the 15th of the month we do charge a $10 late fee, tuition is due the first week of every month. Monthly tuition payments are installments towards semester fees and are the same for every month regardless of weeks in a month.

Thanksgiving break is Mon. Nov 22 – Sun Nov 28th – NO CLASSES – but look for our SSDC dancers in the Christmas Light Parade on Sat. Nov 27th!!!

Saturday, Decemeber 4th – 11am – 6pm – we have a Dress Rehearsal and Pictures at the studio.  I have broken up the rehearsal into several sections in the first and second acts.  We will also be taking our group pictures of each class in costume that day.  Please have your dancer come with their hair in a performance ready bun, dressed in a solid leotard and pink tights, bring ballet shoes in their bags.  Dancers will change in and out of costume in the dressing room for rehearsal and pictures. A few of our SSDC volunteer moms help the littles that day, you just drop them off!

11am-1pm Party scene – parents, boys, and girls in the party scene, Clara, Fritz, Drosselmeyer, the three dancing dolls, soldiers, the Nutcracker, the Mouse King, and Mon 5:15pm class of Mice

1-2pm – soldiers, Tues 4:30pm class of Mice, Snowflakes, Ballet 2 Mon 6:30 Angels and

Ballet 4 Wed 6:30 Angels, Thur 5pm Bubble Gum, Thur 6pm Gingerbread

2-3pm – soldiers, Thur 7pm class of Mice, Wed Ballet 3 Angels, Mon 6pm Bubble Gum, Mon 5pm Gingerbread

3-4pmTues 5pm Bubble gum, Tues 6pm Gingerbread, Wed 6:30pm Lemon Drops, Wed Ballet 2 Angels

4-6pm – Candy Canes, Mother Ginger, Arabian, Spanish, Chinese, Reed Flutes, Waltz of the Flowers and SSDC finale.

Thursday, December 9th – Dress Rehearsal at the Hett. 4-9:30pm. This rehearsal is 100% mandatory for your child to perform in the show(s).  There are no regular classes at DanceStation that Thursday evening since we will all be at the Hett.

4:30-5:30pm(arrive at 4pm) Mice, Angels, Bubble Gum, Gingerbread in the Fri performance

5:30-6:30pm(arrive at 5pm) Mice, Angels, Bubble Gum, Gingerbread, Lemondrops in the Sat performance

6:30-7:15pm(arrive at 6pm) Mice, Angels, Bubble Gum, Gingerbread in the Sun performance

7:30-9:30pm (arrive at 7pm) run show in order with Party Scene first and all classes Ballet 5 and older (Candy Canes, Arabian, Mother Ginger, Snow, Flowers, all SSDC parts). Candy Canes will be done around 9pm.

The performances are pretty much sold out!  The Hett will be releasing a few more sections that are from their donor unused/reserved seats here and there – call the Hett for info about more tickets. We can also see if they will release any of their overflow seats in the back. They are not official theater seats (they are a line of black chairs up against the back wall), but they might work in a pinch. I also have a few families that have tickets available for purchase they won’t be using.  I will have them post their tickets on the dry erase board in the lobby in November.

Reminder that all costumes are rentals, so they remain with me at the studio or at the Hett.  Children should come to dress rehearsals and performances in pink tights and any solid-colored leotard. They will change into costumes in the dressing rooms. All costumes are labeled with their name and should be hung back on their hanger when finished.  Girls need pink ballet shoes or pointe shoes and hair in a very tidy bun (boys check with your teacher for shoes).  I will post a bun tutorial before Dress Rehearsal so parents can practice.

Nutcracker performances are Fri. Dec 10th at 6:30pm, Sat. Dec 11th at 6:30pm and also Sun Dec 12th at 2pm. Please arrive no later than 45min before showtime with your dancer. The house will open 45 minutes prior to each show.  Your children will need to stay in the dressing rooms throughout the entire show since the performances are sold out and there won’t be any extra seats in the theater. The dressing room mothers and SSDC kids help to keep them entertained.

We will have a parent volunteer list out in December and would appreciate any extra help!

Weather Policy Reminder:  If the schools in O’Fallon District 90 close due to poor weather conditions, dance classes are cancelled as well.  If bad weather develops in the afternoon/evening while students are in school, I will send out a notification through the App if classes are cancelled.

Christmas/Winter Break:  No classes Monday, December 13 – Sunday, January 2nd. We take a slightly longer winter break on Nutcracker years because of the extra rehearsals and performances in December. The last week of class is hectic with extra rehearsals that more than make up for that week off.

Please have a safe and wonderful break! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the teachers and staff at DanceStation!!!!

Thanks, Elizabeth

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