Nutcracker week and tuition reminder

Nutcracker week and tuition reminder

We have regular classes at Dancestation this week until Thursday where we will all be at the Hett for Dress Rehearsal (SSDC kids will be at the Hett on Wed for their tech rehearsal). Remember your December tuition installment is due by Friday, Dec 15th to avoid the late fee. There is a lot going on this week, so I wanted to remind everyone! Tuition is based on semester fees and then broken down into monthly installments for your convenience. Your dancer will be coming home with a checklist for this weekend and a reminder of the schedule below. Thursday students were sent home with their reminder last week, since we have Dress Rehearsal this Thursday.

December Nutcracker Reminders

Nutcracker is right around the corner!  The performances should prove to be a very magical weekend for dancers, parents, and guests alike!

  1. Our dancers have the mandatory dress rehearsal at the Hettenhausen Center for the Arts, as per the permission slip everyone signed to perform in our Nutcracker performances. Please have your dancer come with their hair in a performance ready bun, dressed in a solid-colored leotard and pink tights, bring ballet shoes in their bags. Dancers will change in and out of costume in the dressing rooms for dress rehearsal and performances.
  2. The shows are sold out, but they do release season ticket holder unused seats from time to time. If you still need a ticket, it’s worth checking with the Hett even on the morning of each show. Also check the dry erase board in the lobby where people are selling extra tickets, they usually post them there.


Thursday, December 14th – mandatory Dress Rehearsal at the Hett. 4-9:30pm.  There are no regular classes at DanceStation that Thursday evening, since we will all be at the Hett.

4:30-5:30pm(arrive at 4pm) Mice, Angels, Bubble Gum, Gingerbread in the Fri 6:30pm performance

5:30-6:30pm(arrive at 5pm) Mice, Angels, Bubble Gum, Gingerbread in the Sat 2pm performance

6:30-7:30pm(arrive at 6pm) Mice, Angels, Bubble Gum, Gingerbread in the Sat 6:30pm performance

7:30-9:30pm (arrive at 7pm) run show in order with Party Scene first and all classes Ballet 4 and older (Candy Canes, Arabian, Mother Ginger, Snow, Flowers, all SSDC parts).


A few very important last-minute standard performance reminders and a checklist before the shows begin:

  1. Arrive 45 minutes before the start of your performance. The house/audience will also open at this time. Dancers will remain backstage with supervision throughout the entire show.
  2. Mice: we decided to do low buns, instead of high, because of the costume.  Makeup is the same as recitals.  Eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick for sure.  Mascara is at your own risk with the littles. 😊 I always post a bun tutorial on our Facebook page before dress rehearsals.  Look for it this week!
  3. No jewelry or any earrings. Jewelry often gets caught on costumes and reflects the lights during videography.
  4. Absolutely no eating while in costume. Only water is allowed in the dressing rooms and while in costume.  Please make sure students eat before coming to the show.  The full show runs 2 hours total – that includes a 20 min intermission – so they won’t be without food for long.
  5. No gum.
  6. No nail polish is to be worn for the stage.
  7. No underwear worn under the costume. Tights serve this purpose.  We don’t want to see Sponge Bob or Hello Kitty under their costumes.
  8. Arrive in leotard and pink tights that are freshly laundered without holes. Dancers will change into costumes when they arrive.
  9. Do not forget your pink ballet shoes. Black or white ballet shoes for the boys, or black dress shoes for party boys.
  10. Costumes are all rented and may not leave the venue.


If you have any questions, you can email me at edancestation@yahoo.com or ask your teacher.  Especially for new

families, these last two weeks can be confusing, so ask away!  ON TO THE SHOW! Thanks! Elizabeth

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