Picture schedule and tights pick up

Picture schedule for Sun May 30th and tights pick up

Tights are available for pick up today. If you plan to use them for pictures, just come a few minutes early to change.  Please pay your 5th and final tuition installment today or at the latest before we move to the Hett on Wed, June 2nd.  Bring your picture form today. It is in your recital packet with the May/June newsletter and schedule.

Picture times for Sunday, May 30th

9am – Goldilocks Tues 5-5:45pm class

9:30am – Cinderella’s mice – Thur 5-5:45pm class

10am – Little Red Riding Hood – Mon 6-6:50pm class

10:30am – Alice in Wonderland and Rabbit – Tues 6-6:45pm class

11am – Snow White – Wed 5:30-6:15pm class

11:30am – Rapunzel – Thur 6-6:45pm class

12pm – 9 princesses – Mon 5:15-6:30pm class

12:30pm – Jasmine and Aladdin – Tues 4:30-5:45pm class

1pm – Aurora – Thur 7-8:15pm class

1:30pm – Ballet 2 – Monday – Coachmen

2pm – Ballet 2 – Wed – Orange dancers

2:30pm – Ballet 3 – Bluebirds

3pm – Ballet 4 – Dress makers

3:30pm – Ballet 5 – Fairy Godchildren

4pm – Ballet 6 – Harlequin dancers and Jester

4:30pm – Ballet 7 – Maidens from foreign lands

5pm – Int Ballet – Midnights stars

5:30-6:30pm Adv Ballet – Court dancers, Prince Charming, Seniors




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