Recital picture day and first round of ticket sales

Recital picture day and first round of ticket sales

Reminder:  Tomorrow, June 2nd, is class picture day at the studio and also the first round of recital tickets.

For pictures: all students take pictures in their ballet costumes, with pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and hair in a recital-ready bun. We have a bun tutorial video posted on our Dancestation Facebook page if you need help. Hairnets work wonders, and you don’t even need a hair donut. We have their headpieces at the studio so they don’t get lost. Boys will wear white or black ballet shoes, depending on their costume. Makeup can be very light compared to stage makeup for recitals. Just put on enough to bring out their features with complimentary and natural colors for pictures. Please bring your order form with you. KEAH photography is not through Dancestation, so please do not make checks payable to us for these pictures. You also cannot pay on the parent portal since they are a seperate company.

Recital tickets:  Before you purchase your recital tickets, you will check in with miss Jenny Fischer at her desk to square up all accounts. The last installment/payment for the semester is due before you can purchase your recital tickets. We charge tuition by the semester and break up the payments into 5 equal installments for your convenience. Families may purchase up to 8 tickets tomorrow at picture day during the first round. Then on Monday, June 3rd, the second round of ticket sales begins with no ticket limit. We do not aniticipate selling out for any of the recitals with how we restructured the classes this year, but we do have very full auditoriums every year. So get your important tickets at the studio tomorrow.

Recital week is very fun, but busy, and sometimes confusing. So make sure you grab a teacher with any questions. Happy Recital week! Congratulations to all of our new SSDC 2024-25 members. 43 dancers this coming year!!! And Congrats to all of our graduating seniors!!!!


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