Tues June 1 schedule

Tues June 1st schedule

Tues. June 1st – at the studio: not a dress rehearsal. Wear regular dance clothes and shoes. We are sending out invoices today, by email, for balances still due by tonight.
4:30-5:10pm – Goldilocks 3/4 yrs and 9 dancing princesses combo 1A.
5:20-6pm – Mice Thur 3/4 yrs and Aurora combo 1C.
6:10-6:50pm – Alice in Wond Tues 5/6 yrs and Snow White Wed 5/6 yrs.
7-7:40 – Little Red Riding Mon 5/6 yrs and Rapunzel Thur 5/6 yrs.
7:45-8:30pm – Tues Jasmine and Aladdin combo 1B.
Once Upon a Time tshirts are in today too!


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