make up schedule

Wed make up classes today

Wed make up classes for today:  Reminder to enter through the back alley/parking lot and into the lobby and not the State street entrance. The front sidewalk in front of the building is still packed with snow from the plows. It should melt tomorrow with the rain, and we can use it again next week.

Jenny B Saturday Modern 3/4 at 1-1:45pm, Pre-ballet 5/6yrs at 2-2:45pm, Int modern at 3-3:45pm, Adv modern at 4-4:45pm


Ballet 3 at 2-2:45pm, Ballet 5 at 2:45-3:30pm,  Pointe 2 and Pointe 3 (both small classes) at 3:30-4:25pm

Mon, Tues, and an additional Wed make up classes will be held later in March, or possible over spring break. TBA

Also some people have learned that you need to close out the app on your phone after looking at each news update to make sure you can then see the next update, otherwise it may not load properly. I posted an update everyday last week, and several people noticed if they didn’t close and reopen the app each day, they couldn’t see the current notification. Each type of phone has a different way of closing out apps. Thanks!


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