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Our main purpose is to teach dance to young people between the ages of 3 and 18. Our goal is to create a fun, enjoyable, non-competitive, and nurturing environment for our dancers. DanceStation dancers are known for their excellence in technique and performance skills. At DanceStation, long lasting friendships are created, and we take great pride in our close-knit ‘dance family.’

DanceStation is a Cecchetti school (member: Cecchetti Council of America). The Cecchetti method is a series of graded classes designed to train the young dancer for professional work. Though not all students are presented for Cecchetti Exams, the curriculum approved by the CCA is a general guide for all ballet classes. Jazz and Tap classes are included in the regular program of classes until the Intermediate level, at which time students may elect to take separate tap, jazz, modern and broadway classes.

Our Instructors

All instruction at DanceStation is given by professionals qualified by certification from a reputable dance education organization (CCA, RAD, ISTD, etc.), by university degree, or by significant performance and teaching experience.

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Our Classes


Elementary (Ballet 2-4)

Elementary classes include ballet, jazz, tap, and students are introduced to modern and pre-pointe. Cecchetti Grades Primary, I, and II may also be introduced at this time. Not all students are presented for Cecchetti exams, however the classes are highly encouraged. Cecchetti is a strict technique and disciplined method of ballet, but it produces some of our best dancers.

Adult Programs

Adult programs offer exercise and aesthetic enjoyment through dance.


Tap classes build speed and facility through increasingly complex traditional tap rhythms. Private lessons are available for students who are older beginners but would like to advance to a higher level.


Fall Registration is online this year starting Aug 15th for new students. Space is extremely limited this year because we are capping each class at 8 students for safety and new spacing regulations. Contact the studio by email to find out which days times may be available for your child. We will have open enrollment for any spaces left until Monday, September 7. We have special summer office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-6 PM if you would like to tour the studio or to register your dancer through a private appointment. Thanks! Elizabeth

Our Instructors