updated spring break and April newsletter

Dancestation Spring Break and April Newsletter

The adjusted spring break schedule for Dancestation is now:  NO CLASSES Wed. March 31-Sun. April 4th.  Tuesday snow day make up classes will be on Tues. March 30th and Monday snow day make up classes are Mon. April 5th.  Wed classes, with the exception of Miss Jenny F Ballet 4 and Tap/Jazz 4, will be made up on a weekend later in April.  Below is the April Newsletter sent home this week with costume balances.  Balances are due with tuition in April.  We also sent home summer flyers as well.


DanceStation:  April 2021 Newsletter


Attendance.  Now that recital time is here, it is very important to have excellent attendance. Obviously we are still in a pandemic so quarantining aside, please try your best to attend every class these next 10 weeks. As stated earlier in the year, the week before the recital has several mandatory rehearsals that need to be attended so mark your calendars now!!!!


Make up classes- We will make up our Monday snow day on Monday, April 5th (Cecchetti classes already made their classes up) and the Tuesday snow day classes on Tuesday, March 30th.  We know many of you may be headed out of town starting next Wed – so we will wait on the 2nd Wed make up class until a weekend later in April.


Broadway Junior will start Mon, April 5 and Tues, April 6th.


A Costume deposit of $55 was due in February, and the remaining balance owed is being sent home with this newsletter.  We try very hard to be creative and keep costume prices down, especially for the students involved in multiple classes.  Many of these classes will show a costume rental fee to avoid having to pay full price for multiple costumes.  We will also be selling recital tights again in May at the studio (pink, black, tan, and fishnet) – I can usually get them cheaper than the local dance supply stores.  All ballet costumes will need pink tights even if the picture on the board shows a different color. And all tap classes in the younger Once Upon a Time recital will need tan tights for tap.  If you owe for missed tuition – please pay as soon as possible.  If your records indicate differently, please contact me or Jenny Fischer ASAP.


Recital Picture Day is Sunday, May 30th.  Times for each class will be posted in early May, so please tell us of any huge conflicts before then (after the times are posted the schedule cannot change).


Dress Rehearsals and recital days at the Hettenhausen Center for the Arts are:

Wed-Sat June 2-5th

Depending on if we are in the ‘bridge phase’ by then, we may be allowed up to 250 people in the audience. As of right now we can have 100 people – all audience members must be masked. Specific dress rehearsal times and recital dates and times will depend on what phase we are in by then. Younger children will not be needed all 4 days, but I am not sure which days yet.  I will release more specifics as they become available. For now, keep those days/evenings open and I will let you know as I know more!!! Most likely all dress rehearsals will be on Wed/Thur June 2nd and 3rd, and recitals will be on Fri, June 4th and Sat, June 5th.  But again, it’s hard to plan until I know how many audience members I can have per show. We most likely won’t have to limit tickets at all this year, so that’s good.


The May newsletter will contain more information about picture day, extra rehearsals, dress rehearsals, recital times, ordering tights, tickets, flowers, DVD’s, picture cd’s, costumes, makeup, etc.


State Street Dance Company auditions.  The 2021-22 SSDC auditions will be on Friday, May 21st, from 5-6:30pm. Students in Ballet 5 and up are eligible or with permission from Elizabeth. Please wear a black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in a bun, and be prepared to do a ballet barre, ballet center, and contemporary floor combinations.  SSDC members meet on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons from August – Nov/Dec until the fall concert or Nutcracker.  If you would like more information about our student-based company, please ask Elizabeth or any of the current SSDC members. It is hard work, but so much fun!  We strive to make our performances stand out as being very professional, and I have been so proud of our dancers these past few years.


Parent Volunteers:  I need many parent volunteers to make the recitals run smoothly.  I will have a sign-up sheet available closer to the recital asking for help with sewing/adjusting costumes, concessions (if allowed), tickets, ushers, cleaning, gathering rental costumes after the shows, etc.  It takes a village, and even on a scaled back year, we will still need help! Thanks! Elizabeth


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