January news

January News

DanceStation Newsletter: January 2021

DanceStation does not take off for most Monday holidays. We will have class on Jan. 18 (MLK Day) and Feb. 15 (Presidents’ Day).

Just a reminder that our weather policy is…

If schools in the O’Fallon School District close due to weather reasons, there are also no classes at DanceStation.  We will inform everyone with a post throught the Dancestation app as well. Sometimes bad weather occurs over the course of the evening while we are in class. In these cases, we will post updates on evening cancelations through the app so we can reach everyone quickly.

There are new videos up on the Dancestation YouTube page! Please take advantage of a class from home if you are quarantined, or home due to illness! Here is the link… Dance Station – YouTube

Tuition – reminder tuition is due the first week of every month. You can send a check or cash with your dancer’s name on the memo to class with them, or you can use our Paypal button on our website www.dancestation.biz.  If you pay online, please remember to add the $3 fee to your tuition to help cover the cost Paypal subtracts from each tuition payment.

A $55 costume deposit is due in February, along with tuition, and the costume permission slip. If for any reason your child cannot attend the recital this year I need to know ASAP. Dress rehearsal and recital dates are Wed June 2nd- Sat, June 5th (at The Hettenhausen Center for the Arts). We reserved 4 days this year, in case we need to have a few days of smaller shows again. I do not think we will need to go one class at a time like last year, but I have no idea how many audience members and dancers they will allow per show by June – hoping for a good spring!!!  There are also mandatory rehearsals and dress rehearsals at the studio the week leading up to the recital(s). Those dates are Mon, May 31st and Tues, June 1st, as well as class pictures on Sun, May 30th. Please plan accordingly, and make sure you are not gone for any of these mandatory rehearsals or dress rehearsals in order to participate in the recitals.  We will be measuring for costumes in the coming weeks and I will order costumes for all children who have turned in their permission slips – due back by Sat, Feb 6th.  Once the costumes are ordered, there are no refunds. The costume balance will be due in April.  A costume balance/tuition statement will be sent home to each family at the end March.

Cecchetti students:  At this time, exams look they will be pushed until the summer, although we are planning on still having exams!!! We will still have extra classes this month and next, so that it will be easier to jump back in this summer.

During the months of January and February, most of our regular ballet classes turn into extra Cecchetti ballet classes so that our dancers are fully prepared for their exams.  For students that do not participate in Cecchetti, it is a chance for us to introduce the method without the pressure of preparing for an exam.  No extra tuition is necessary and Cecchetti students return to their regular class times at the beginning of March.  Extra classes are as follows:

Cecchetti Grade 1 – Wed 4-4:50pm, Wed 6:30-7:25pm, or Mon 6:45-7:30pm

Cecchetti Grade 2 – Wednesdays 5-5:50pm

Cecchetti Grade 3 – Tues 5-6:10pm

Cecchetti Grade 3 and 4 – Mon 5:15-6:30pm 

Cecchetti Grade 5 – Tues 6:20-7:40pm

Cecchetti Grade 6 – Monday 6:45-8pm

Cecchetti Grade 7 – Monday 8:10-9:35pm and Wed 8:30-9:15pm

We are also hoping to have our own personal Cecchetti day workshop at our studio on Sat, Feb 13th and Sun, Feb 14th with guest Cecchetti examiner Tomi Pollock.

Advanced Broadway begins on Wednesdays in March from 7:45-8:45pm (Adv modern will go back to 8:45-9:30pm in March) and runs through the June recital.  Intermediate Broadway is the same time in the opposite room. The cost for each class is $30 a month, plus a rental fee for recital costumes.

Junior Broadway will begin on Mondays and/or Tuesdays from 4-4:50pm starting in April.  It will run as an 8-week session with a total fee of $80 (2 months tuition and costume rental fee).  All students in Ballet 2-6 are eligible. I scheduled two days becase we may have to split the class in half due to numbers. It’s a really fun class, but sometimes we have almost 30 kids sign up, and that’s too many in one room this year.

The Costume Deposit and Recital Form will be sent home this week. Please sign and return to the studio by Sat, Feb 6th. More recital info will be included in the February newsletter next month.

Thanks! Elizabeth



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