Reminders before recital week

May reminders: last week of regular classes!

  1. This is the last week of regular classes before the big full cast rehearsals next week. Please make every effort to be at your last class. It is where our teachers finalize any choreography and run the pieces many, many times for memorization. thanks!
  2. Pictures are this Sunday, May 28th. Don’t forget to bring your KEAH order form with you to your photo session at the studio. If you cannot make pictures this weekend, please tell your teacher this week. Each group only gets 30 minutes, and we don’t want to wait for you if you aren’t coming.
  3. Recital tickets go on sale this Sunday at Picture Day. Please pay your last tuition installment by Sunday before you buy your tickets. Auto pay will go through on Friday, May 26th. If you have dancers in the When I Grow Up/Under the Big Top 11am performance, I would get your important tickets early. It will be very close to a sell-out this year, as we have 9 classes in the younger show this year. Tickets will also be on sale all week at the front desk during the full cast rehearsals.
  4. Already in the last week, we have had kids leaving shoes, skirts, and water bottles all over the studio in the end-of-the year brain mush that happens. Now would be a great time to make sure your kiddos initials are inside their shoes in case they get left behind at class, big rehearsals, or dress rehearsals. Then we know who they belong to and can return them to you. I have silver and gold sharpies at the studio that work great for tap shoes, and black sharpies work well for the inside of ballet shoes.
  5. We are so excited to show you all of the dancers’ hard work! Recital week is hectic but so much fun!!! Please reach out with any questions and make sure you have your May newsletter handy with all of the important dates and times for recital week rehearsals so you don’t miss anything!

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