Performance reminders and Parking at the Hett

Performance Reminders and parking at the Hett

Please park in the main, bigger lot of the Hett for all performances. The side, smaller lot is for reserved/valet spaces for Mckendree donors and pre-arranged handicapped accessible vehicles. Arrive 30-45 minutes before each show with hair and makeup done. Today they head straight back to their dressing rooms. The audience/house will also open 45 min prior to each show. Please see the checklist about nail polish, undergarments, jewelry etc. below. If anyone needs extra tickets, I saw the Hett released just a few more for each show! I’m sure they will go fast. But when I checked today there were maybe 6-8 tickets to each show. Going to be a Great and magical weekend!!!! They looked soooo good at dress rehearsal. I’m so happy to see their smiling faces again. 🙌🙌🙌
On the way out of each performance SSDC will be selling selling $1 water and $1 take home goodies since we couldn’t do a full bake sell yet. 100% of the donations go to our scholarship fund. Thanks! Elizabeth

A few very important last-minute standard performance reminders and a checklist before the shows begin:

  1. Arrive 30-45 minutes early before the start of your performance. The house/audience will also open at this time. Everyone entering the building will have to be masked, per the rules of the HettThis is our first full audience performance in 2 years, and we are thrilled to be able to support our dancers!  Please advise all members in your party about masking ahead of time, and if you know they will cause a problem – invite them to watch the DVD instead.  The Hett is a private business, and we need to respect their rules.  Dancers will remain backstage with supervision the entire show, they will remove their masks backstage so we can see their smiling faces on stage!  The shows are sold out, but they do release season ticket holder unused seats from time to time.  If you still need a ticket, it’s worth checking with them even on the morning of each show.
  2. Hair should be up in a bun before arriving at the venue. Mice:   we decided to do low buns, instead of high, because of the costume.  Makeup is the same as recitals.  Eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick for sure.  Mascara is at your own risk with the littles. 😊 I always post a bun tutorial on our Facebook page before dress rehearsals.  Look for it this week!
  3. No jewelry or any earrings. Jewelry often gets caught on costumes and reflects the lights during videography.
  4. No eating while in costume. Only water is allowed in the dressing rooms and while in costume.  Please make sure students eat before coming to the show.  The full show runs 2 hours total – that includes a 20 min intermission – so they won’t be without food for long.
  5. No gum.
  6. No nail polish is to be worn.
  7. No underwear worn under the costume. Tights serve this purpose.  We don’t want to see Sponge Bob or Hello Kitty under their costumes.
  8. Arrive in leotard and pink tights that are freshly laundered without holes. Dancers will change into costumes when they arrive.
  9. Do not forget your pink ballet shoes. Black or white ballet shoes for the boys, or black dress shoes for party boys.
  10. Costumes are all rented and may not leave the venue.


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