Yes class tonight and more Jan updates!

yes class tonight and more Jan info

1. We do have classes on MLK day this evening. See you tonight!

2.  We are opening a new 3/4 yr old class on Wednesdays from 4-4:45pm. If anyone in our current 3/4 yr old evening classes would like to switch to the Wed 4-4:45pm time, just let me know. This class will be a smaller class size than our evening classes and might be good for anyone who wants their kiddo in and out of class before dinnertime on Wednesdays. Just drop me an email if you would like to switch from your current class to the Wed 4pm class with Miss Jenny B.  It is still a pre-ballet/tap class and will still perform in the recital as well.

3. Don’t forget we have asked all current families multiple times now to pay tuition through the Parent Portal link I sent everyone in the fall. We are not using Paypal anymore, other than for new families who do not have a parent portal set up yet. All new families will be sent a link by the end of the month so that they can pay online through the Dancestation parent portal starting in February.  If you wish to avoid the online fees just pay in cash or check at the tuition box in the studio.

4. Automatic payments through the Parent Portal did not reset at the beginning of the year like I thought they would. If you signed up for auto-pay feature, I had to manually put it in yesterday, and you will not be charged a late fee since it was my fault (I didn’t know I would have to reset it with the beginning of the year). I only put in auto-pay this month for the families that did not pay tuition yet, because (I noticed that some families paid manually (since the auto-pay had not gone through yet). Moving forward it is set up for the beginning of the month (the 3rd-5th) of every month. Thanks!

5. Please continue to keep sick children at home so we can keep the studio open and the majority of the kids dancing. Also, please call and leave a message at the studio if your child will be out. We have families gone on vacation, some quarantined, some sick with regular colds, etc. It will help us keep track of everyone if you please call and let us know when they will be gone from class.

6.  We are measuring for costumes soon, and we will measure over a 2-week period in case your child is not in class the first week.

7. Lastly, if you ordered Nutcracker pictures and DVD’s, they are in and will be sent home with each student this week!

thanks so much, Elizabeth



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