2nd round of tickets and ballet costumes go home soon

2nd round is open for recital tickets and ballet costumes going home these next two weeks

Most classes will be taking their ballet recital costumes home this week, a few costumes still come in next week (mice and Adv court dancers I believe). If you have not paid your balance yet, the costume will go home once that is paid. There is a recital day checklist for you and also costume instructions (steaming wrinkles out, hanging tutus upside down etc.) that goes home with your child’s costume.  The costume rentals stay here with me and will be in the dressing room waiting for your child at each show/dress rehearsal.

If you need more tickets for your family, the 2nd round is open and we have a few tickets open for every performance!!! Please email your ticket request to Elizabeth at edancetation@yahoo.com.  Once you have received a confirmation back from me, you can pay by cash, check or PayPal – but don’t forget to add the $3 convenience fee for online payments. We noticed a lot of people didn’t add the fee last week when the orders were due.  PayPal charges DanceStation a fee for every transaction, so the $3 is to offset that charge.

Some of these extra tickets will go fast, so email me ASAP!!! I will send confirmation emails out on Wed to give everyone 2-3 days to ask for tickets.

Wednesday 6/2

Goldilocks and 9 Princesses  – 16 tickets available
Mice and Auroras – 30 tickets available
Thursday 6/3
Alice in Wonderland and Snow White – 23 tickets available
Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel – 28 tickets available
Friday 6/4
Aladdin –  52 tickets available- this is just one class, so there are lots of tickets open!
Ballet 2 Coachmen and Ballet 3 Bluebirds – 31 tickets available
Ballet 2 Orange Courtiers and Ballet 4 Dressers – 23 tickets available
Saturday 6/5
Ballet 5 Fairy Godchildren and also Ballet 6 Harlequin and Jesters too – 66 tickets available! Yikes! I’m opening up this show to the other class as well, since most Ballet 5 families did not use their full 6 tickets. We have plenty left for everyone. So Ballet 6 Harlequin parents – there is now another option to watch your kiddos as well as more for the Fairy Godchildren class.
Ballet 6 Harlequin and Jesters and Ballet 7 Courtiers from afar  – 30 available
Int/Adv – 22 tickets available ($15 tickets)
Int/Adv – 14 tickets available ($15 tickets)
email Elizabeth at edancestation@yahoo.com, and she will send you a confirmation email for your 2nd round of tickets on Wed. Once you receive confirmation you can send in a check, cash, or use PayPal to pay for your extra tickets. Thanks!  Excited for everyone to see the dances soon and all of your dancer’s hard work!!!!

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