Dress Rehearsal Thur and classes this week

Dress Reh thurs and classes this week

It’s getting close! Dress Rehearsal at the studio was very busy with 220+ kids in and out all day! But the dancers looked amazing, and we got all the pictures taken for the lobby and the programs!  We have regular classes Mon, Tues, and Wed this week and then the mandatory dress rehearsal at the Hett on Thur.
*If you have tickets to sell, please post them today on the dry erase board in the lobby in case people are still looking for an extra ticket or two!  The parent volunteer list is in the lobby, on the table by the front door.  Please consider volunteering- we still need room mothers and other jobs on Sat and Sunday this weekend (Friday looks good for volunteers!).
**On Thursday, when entering the Hett through the front doors (not the side), you will get checked in by a teacher in the lobby and she will direct you to a dressing room, or to the auditorium to wait until it’s your turn to get dressed!  Most classes will get to watch a little of dress rehearsal before they practice on stage (unless they are first at 4:30!).  Parents can also watch the Thur dress rehearsal from the audience – there are no restrictions this year other than the masking.  Remember to check your Nov or Dec newsletters for times on Thur, and it’s also on the app.  Happy Nutcracker week – it’s going to be a wonderful weekend of shows!!!!  See you soon, Elizabeth

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