Dress rehearsal at the Hett

Dress rehearsal tonight at the Hett


Thursday, December 14th – mandatory Dress Rehearsal at the Hett. 4-9:30pm.  There are no regular classes at DanceStation this Thursday evening, since we will all be at the Hett.  Dancers wear pink tights, regular leotard, and bring pink ballet shoes in their dance bags (black or white for boys) and hair in a performance ready bun.  Please see miss Jenny in the hallway to the left as you walk in at the Hett to check in with her, and we will direct you to where to sit (does not apply to SSDC kids). Classes will watch from the auditorium until it is their time to rehearse on stage; parents can sit in the audience behind their dancers and watch as well. Please arrive 30 minutes before rehearsal time so we can stay on schedule all night. We have over 200 dancers in and out this evening!!!

4:30-5:30pm(arrive at 4pm) Mice, Angels, Bubble Gum, Gingerbread in the Fri 6:30pm performance

5:30-6:30pm(arrive at 5pm) Mice, Angels, Bubble Gum, Gingerbread in the Sat 2pm performance

6:30-7:30pm(arrive at 6pm) Mice, Angels, Bubble Gum, Gingerbread in the Sat 6:30pm performance

7:30-9:30pm (arrive at 7pm) run show in order with Party Scene first and all classes Ballet 4 and older (Candy Canes, Arabian, Mother Ginger, Snow, Flowers, all SSDC parts).

Today is the last day to pay the December Tuition installment before the late fee kicks in. After the performances the holiday season begins, and it is hard to track down families with missing payments when families travel and are so busy for the holidays. Please make the extra effort to avoid the late fee.

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