make up classes!

make up classes

We will be offering two rounds of make up classes in the next two weeks.

   First, we will be offering a few Zoom classes this weekend. For Pre/K and 5-6yr old classes we will offer a class at 10am this Sat. Nov. 21st.  For combo classes (Ballet/Jazz/Tap classes) we are offering a class at 11am this Sat. Nov 21st. Finally, for ballet and jazz tap levels 2-5 we are offering a class of ballet/jazz/and tap at 12pm this Sat. Nov 21st. If you only take ballet, you can log off as the dancers transition into jazz. Please email Miss Jenny Battenberg at


and she will send you the link to the Zoom class. This is open to any and all dancers who have missed classes due to illness, quarantine, out of town, etc. 

   Secondly, we are setting up a private youtube channel for dancestation where we will be uploading classes over the Thanksgiving break for all ages. All of these classes can be done from home in your living room or wherever you have room to dance. 🙂 We cannot have in person make up classes this semester due to our limited class sizes this year, so this is our next best option.  These classes will include older, more advanced levels as well.  I will send the link to our youtube channel this weekend as we begin to upload classes.  The classes will be labeled by level and dance type. For example: Ballet/Tap ages 3-6yrs, Combo ballet/jazz/tap, Jazz 7-Adv, Modern 1-4, Tap 2-5, Ballet levels 6-Adv, etc. 

Thirdly, I have tried everything to send out my watch week videos, but because my email is through yahoo, all of the files (even trimmed down) are just too big. I’m going to try uploading them in a different format tonight and see if that works. Thanks for your patience, I will find a way to get them out eventually this week – maybe through drop box. I just didn’t anticipate the size of the recordings being too large to email. I’m working on it! I may try a private youtube link like the other teachers did as well.  

Thanks, Elizabeth

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