Permission slips, auto-pay, Parking lot

Permission slips, Auto-pay, and parking lot info

Any families that did not turn in the costume deposit and permission slip last week due to the weather can bring it to class this week. If your child cannot come to class due to illness, we still need the permission slip and deposit to verify a costume order has been placed/will be placed for your child.  Please make arrangements to bring up both this week.

If you signed up for Auto-Pay the payments went through on the 5th of February. If you no longer wish to be on Auto-Pay please email Elizabeth at edancestation@yahoo.com. You also have the option of taking yourself off through the parent portal.

The lot was plowed over the weekend, but it is still very slick in some areas. Please be very, very careful as you walk to the door to the lobby. Most of the snow will be melted by tomorrow’s classes, but today it may still be slick in some areas.

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