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watch week/parent visitation

This week is watch week/parent visitation for all classes except SSDC rehearsal classes. Parents are invited in to watch their dancers! Please silence your cell phones and keep small children from running around the room, as these are major disruptions for your dancers and teachers. The idea is to show you how a normal class runs, so we strive to keep distractions to a minimum this week.

We will be offering DanceStation logo t-shirts this fall.   If you would like to order one, we will have forms in the lobby later this week. We also offer them in DancesStation mom, dad, grandma, family t-shirts as well. I have included a picture of each, and examples will be hanging in the lobby. I will try my best to get some blank t-shirts in for sizing in the next week as well.

Also, reminder that tuition is due the first class of every month, with a grace period until the 15th of every month when late fees are added.

We can’t wait to see you in class this week!



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