clarification/Dec calendar

Just to clear up any confusion – I think the wording of my last update may be hard to interpret. Sorry!

This week Nov 30 – Dec 4 – all classes zoom (with exception of Sat Cecchetti grades 5-7 private lessons)

Next week Dec 7-12 – we hope to be in person (but also offer our dancestation youtube alternative for those wishing to stay home)

Dec 14- Jan 2 Christmas break – no classes

The longer break is due to the way the semester/calendar falls this year – we calculate tuition based on weeks in the semester, not weeks in the month. That is why tuition is the same regardless of weeks in a month.  The Holiday break was also a judgement call, back in September when I released the calendar, knowing that Covid cases might be on the rise by this time.  We are so thrilled that we have maintained in-person dancing for your children this entire semester! With the exception of this one week, we hope to continue in-person dancing next week and also in January when we return.  Stay safe and warm this week! Remember to email your teacher tomorrow if you don’t see a zoom link by then. thanks, Elizabeth

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