Next week and costume checklist

Next week’s rehearsals and costume checklist

If you have not yet read the May Newsletter that we sent home at the beginning of May or the costume checklist that we sent home with the dancers’ costumes, please don’t wait any longer. The newsletter will show you that this is the last week of regular classes and next week is all of the big rehearsals at the studio and at the Hett. The checklist will show you what tights, shoes, and extras you might need for dress rehearsal. Example: all kids in Love makes the world go round and under the sea need both pink and tan tights. All students in Broadway jr need a black camisole leotard as part of their costume, and all dancers in the Stars classes (ballet and pointe) will need a flesh tone leotard to go under their costume.  For most classes in Under the Sea, we have your hair accessories with us at the studio so that they do not get lost, same with any costume rentals.

We try and give you lots of notice for these extra rehearsals and costume needs, but if the papers get tucked away and not read, you may be missing information that you need. Please read what we send home, so you are well-informed going into next week. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out by email, or come talk to myself or one of my teachers. Recital week is very busy and sometimes confusing for new families. Plus, we have not had full recital week rehearsals like these in two years! We are back to our normal pre-recital/ big rehearsal week this year, but some families have never experienced this with us since our shows were very limited for the last two years.

All accounts with auto-pay will be charged this Saturday so that you can purchase tickets on Sunday, and all parent portal accounts will be updated by Sunday morning. Remember that cash and checks have to be entered manually. Thanks so much, looking forward to sharing all of our hard work with you at the performances!!!

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