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October 2020

Dancestation news:  October 2020




Tuition:  Your monthly tuition is due the first week of each month- unless you have made other arrangements with me in person. A late fee of $10 will be added to your account after the 15th of every month.



The App is available now, on Google Play store for Android users and the Apple App store for I-Phones.  It has our Dancer logo on the front – it is very recognizable if you search for DanceStation.  Please download the FREE app, and then ALLOW notifications. If you don’t allow notifications, you will not know when new information is added, or receive alerts about weather, or get reminders when recital/costume info go out.  All of our newsletters will go virtual after this month, so you will not receive the information you need without the app.  I received a lot of Facebook complaints because not everyone likes to use that medium, so this is our answer. PLEASE DONWNLOAD and ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS IMMEDIATELY.  Please and thank you!!!! I will mostly use Facebook for videos or pictures, and small things going forward.  Important information I need you to know immediately, like weather cancelations and newsletters, will now live on the App. Thanks! It’s a great new tool we have. 😊


Paypal payments:  We love this easy feature we added, but I need to add a $3 convenience fee per transaction to offset the cost of using Paypal. We are getting slammed by their site fees, and I just ate the cost personally, from March until now.  But we need everyone to please add $3 per transaction (monthly tuition, etc) starting this month.  If you wish to avoid the $3 fee, you can still pay by check or cash on the first class of every month and hand it directly to the teacher at the door.  Please indicate your dancers name on the check or the envelope with cash.  You can also set up automatic bill pay through your bank, and your bank will send us a check in the mail at the beginning of every month.


Attendance:  Please make an extra effort to be early or right on time for classes this year. Because we need to do temperature checks at the door, students arriving late cannot just enter the building. This is causing major disruptions in class, as we have to leave class to do temperature checks for late students, and we are short on time this year due to cleaning between every class.  PLEASE be on time!!! Also, I will stress again that teachers and students should not come to class sick this year.  There are no make-up classes offered yet this semester (all of our classes are at capacity and we can’t allow kids in other classes at this time). However, we hope to offer make up classes next semester. So just keep track of missed classes and try to keep them to a minimum for now.


Watch week/Parent Observation – October 26-29th – we can’t have parents in class this year ☹ but… teachers will record part of class and some dance combinations and send them to you by email, so you can still see what your kids are doing in class this year! Some teachers may allow costumes the week of Halloween.  Check with your teacher.


When the weather starts getting colder, we may allow kids to wait in the lobby up to 5 min before each class. There are circles spaced 6 feet apart for them to wait on.  Kids entering from the street into the teal studio will also be allowed in 5 min early to class.


Thanks!!! Elizabeth

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