A Few Reminders

a few reminders

Great first week so far! A few reminders to keep things moving smoothly.

The lobby is open for walking dancers into class, but it gets crowded very quickly.  So please pick up the younger dancers right outside the side door – you can wait on the lawn.  We won’t let the little ones leave until they see you, so please be there and ready for pick up so we can start our next class on time.

Don’t forget to send a water bottle and a mask with your child to every class.  We have extra masks if you forget, but the water bottle is important!

3-7 yr old classes can expect an email with a short clip of part of the first class this weekend. The first class is always very busy, but each teacher tried to take a little one-minute recording of class. We know the first classes are always fun for parents to take a peek into class, and since we are trying to keep the lobby clear for now, you still get a sneak-peek.

Classes are almost completely full this year! We will probably stop accepting students after this week as we are almost at capacity.

Please email me with any tuition questions at edancestation@yahoo.com.   Many people had tuition questions this first week, especially families with sibling discounts. Fees are due on the first class of every month, starting this week, unless you pay for the full semester. Tuition is charged by weeks in a semester, not weeks in a month. So that is why the tuition remains the same, no matter how many weeks are in each month. We break up the semester fee for the class for your convenience into 5 equal payments. You can pay by check or cash directly into the tuition box every month, or by our PayPal button on our website, but please add the $3 convenience fee if you use Paypal.  We are working on a parent portal for next month – so you can log in and see your tuition, balance, and pay your fees when you log in. More details to come! We are excited for this new feature, and hope to have it up and running in October.

Nutcracker. I’ve had a few questions about the dress rehearsals already. They are 100% mandatory. Any student wishing to participate in the Nutcracker with us will have to commit to those two rehearsals in order to do the shows with us. Why? 1.  Dress rehearsals will ALWAYS be required in order to perform, no matter what studio you dance at – I promise I am not being mean. Ha!  2.  This is not just a performance for our DanceStation parents. It is for anyone in the community and it is quite a professional set up.  The dress rehearsals are required to help put on a truly polished, pre-professional show for the community.

Thanks for keeping sick kids home, and notifying us of any Covid quarantines/positives. It’s going to be an up and down fall again with attendance, I’m sure.  I’m hoping that things settle down here in the next week or two, but either way we are thrilled to be able to offer in-person classes to keep your children moving and pursuing their love of dance! Thanks everyone! Happy to be back! Elizabeth


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