Tomorrow is last day to turn in the recital permission slip and deposit

Costume deposit and permission slip due by 6pm Fri Jan 26th (tomorrow)

We are still missing a lot of costume deposits and permission slips for students still. This is really important and they are due by 6pm on Friday. I am ordering costumes this Saturday and anyone who has not turned in a form or paid their deposit by then will not have a costume ordered. I know we had 2 snow days this month, but we handed the forms out the very first week back, so we gave everyone 3 weeks to turn in the form and the deposit. You can come by tonight (Thur) from 4-9pm or Friday from 3-6pm. I know people are really busy these days, but PLEASE don’t forget to come by with your forms if you are planning on having your child participate in our June recitals. You can prepay your costume deposit online through the parent portal, but we still have to have the physical permission slip by Friday. The dancers are all really excited to see their costumes on the boards come Monday. We are doing Once Upon a Time fo the youngest 3-6yr old performance and Alice in Wonderland for the older classes. thanks!!!

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